Prinsip-Prinsip Kepemilikan Harta Dalam Islam


  • Lukman Hamdani



Assets, Koran, Ownership, Principles


Property is one of the most important instruments in this life, because wealth is as a support for the continuity of human life, in Islam it is always emphasized the importance of
independence in owning property through work or business, because Allah really loves his servant who is always giving alms with his own property. Allah Almighty really likes hard workers or people who are persistent in seeking treasure for the sake of the afterlife, even Allah SWT emphasizes in Surah at-taubah father 10. And Say: "Work for you, Then Allah and His Messenger and the believers will see your work, and you will be returned to (Allah) who knows the unseen and the real, then He tells you what you have done.Even the Companions of the Messenger of All āh adalah were rich people who possessed wealth for the progress and development of Islam at the time, a very real
example was the Friends of Abu Bakr, Abdurrah bin ʻAuf, Uthman ibn Affan and the Wife of the Messenger of All āh adalah was a great entrepreneur, Siti Khadijah.
They are friends looking for wealth and have it as much as possible then after that they distribute their wealth through ZISWAF, it is obligatory and must for Muslims to seek /
have property for the benefit of the world and the hereafter and the interests of Muslims and provision in the hereafter Can be concluded that ownership of property in Islam it is very important because it is a means of sustaining life and as a place to find savings for ukhrawi life later, because indeed ownership of property in Islam is not only focused on worldly matters, but there are two elements that are always included, namely for worldly and spiritual interests It should be underlined in the ownership of the property that the principle must be instilled that this property has the absolute God Almighty, we are only temporarily entrusted, therefore it is not beautiful to not distribute the assets we have to people in need through ZISWAF instruments.




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